01.  Yoga is for everyone.

Absolutely anyone can practise Yoga, male or female, young or old, healthy or sick. Though it is regarded as a physical discipline, the practice can also be a mindful discipline helping us to live our lives with a positive outlook, which can be enjoyed by all.

02.   It’s easy.

Classes are easy and fun, and accessible by all skill levels. By beginning a regular practise, yoga will help you live you life with a new youthful and positive sensation of life.

03.  Safe.

Yoga when practised correctly is a completely safe and harmless form of exercise. Which will benefit the body system and improve your physical and mental well being .

04.  No Special Equipment required.

Yoga does not require any special equipment, all you need are just a few simple aids. A non slip mat is helpful to stand or sit on, plus all you need to wear are loose comfortable clothing.

05.  Breathing.

Yoga helps tones the respiratory system and helps us to optimize our oxygen intake, helping us to breathe more fully and easily. The breathing techniques(pranayama) helps us to increase the absorption of prana into the body, which improve physical and mental well-being.

06.  Bodily efficiency.

Yoga helps to improve the bodies many systems, aiding digestion, the assimilation of nutrients and the elimination of toxins. Yoga helps the various aches, pains and muscle based issues experienced, during our activities of daily living.

07.  Sleep.

Because of it’s relaxing effects, yoga can help to improve your quality of sleep, helping you feel refreshed and revitalised every morning and may help to reduce stress and anxiety.

08.  Tranquillity

Experience a new level of tranquillity, mastered over thousands of years by many cultures, which will eventually help you find a deep state of inner peace.

09.  Make friends.

As yoga is practised by many people from all walks of life, you have the opportunity to meet many new and interesting people, who you can share your new path with.  The relaxed atmosphere of a yoga class gives a perfect space for you to expand your spiritual and physical journey through life.


10.  Yoga is fun!


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